How to Celebrate National Supply Chain Day

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National Supply Chain Day is celebrated each year on April 29 to acknowledge that "every link in the supply chain matters." Those celebrated include manufacturers, logistics professionals, and distributors involved in a product's ideation, creation, and delivery.

National Supply Chain Day is a relatively new holiday. It was first celebrated by Georgia-Pacific’s Point A in 2020 to spread awareness about how supply chains keep the global market moving. While the holiday is new, supply chains aren't.

Ford Motor Company is the first to successfully implement a supply chain for producing goods nonstop on a large scale. Today, the global supply chain is more connected than ever, thanks to technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain.

You may celebrate National Supply Chain Day this year in three different ways:

  1. Sharing a personal story on social media about how the supply chain has impacted you. Use the hashtag #NationalSupplyChainDay.
  2. Using the day to reimagine how to build a greener supply chain system.
  3. Thanking workers at warehouses and dockyards for managing product movement.

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